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GP07 Alliance Announcements

New information about attacks and when the next time you will go up a rank or down a rank will happen.

Rank promotions have been implemented! Promotions will occur on your activity!!

For your pleasure, i have created another GP07 website. It has games, jokes, music, and A GUEST BOOK!!!!! so, for your fun GP07 experience, go there, and look around, and have fun!!!!!

The FUN GP07 Alliance page!!!

BUT!!! this page( will still be the PRIMARY GP07 alliance page!! so don't get confused! The Roster is NOT on the FUN page!!!


I(Sathian[]) need all of the members' coordinates. The Reason is that soon, I will put a new page on this site, it will be for coordinates. The purpose is so we can check the coordinates page before we attack anyone so we don't attack anyone who is GP07 and does not have the tag. Also because new e-mails are pouring in for GP07 signups, so, these new members will need to see the people's coordinates, so if they have a question, they can message one of us. So, coming soon! is the Coords page! SEND ME YOUR COORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A new GP07 policy has been implemented!
ANY position above Vice Admiral(including Vice Admiral) is part of the Command Council, which will meet in the GP07 chat room on irc every week to decide on new things to do. Command Council will be shortened to CC. When the new ranks come out, the CC's will be e-mailed about the GP07 meetings etc.